Falcon 967 Mercenary Mech Full-Face Street Motorcycle Helmet Review

Falcon 967 “The Mech” Mercenary Mech Full-Face Street Motorcycle Helmet Review

If you’re an old-school person who can’t stand any of those new, flashy helmets with all sorts of features, then never fear. That is because the market has something for you that will leave you satisfied. If you’re looking for a product that simply does its job, and doesn’t require too much additional maintenance, then Falcon 967  Mercenary Mech Full-Face Street Motorcycle Helmet is exactly what you’ll want to buy. It’s a simple product with virtually no add-ons to it.

IV2 has created a helmet which has every basic function you would want in a helmet. Not only is it built with strong materials which give it lasting durability, it also has ample options for entertainment during your trips. It gives you the options of cleaning it as you like and is built to provide you with as much comfort during your journeys. It does all this while having one of the lowest prices in the market.

Features of Falcon 967 Mercenary Mech Full-Face Street Motorcycle Helmet

  • The body design of the helmet allows the wind to pass by it efficiently and to negate any wind noise that you might hear.
  • The helmet falls into accord with the DOT requirements.
  • It has a retractable, smoked, inner shield that prevents direct entry of sunlight.
  • It has a clear, outer shield which stops the wind from affecting your ride.
  • The interior cheek pads and liner can both be removed anytime you want to wash or replace them.
  • The air vents are designed to allow the airflow to remain continuous while maintaining a cool temperature inside the helmet.
  • The shell is reinforced with a thermoplastic fiber, allowing it to absorb more impact upon contact in case of an accident.

Those are a lot of features offered by a helmet that costs much less than one might guess. Furthermore, there were a surprisingly small amount of things which we found dislikable about this product when compared to the many pros it has.

What We Liked

  • The low price. This helmet has a price that is much lower than what most of its competitors are offering.
  • The two shields. These can come in handy in times when you have to drive while facing the sun or while having to go fast. The shields ensure that neither sun rays nor the wind will be able to bother you as you ride.
  • The shell. It is made of some highly durable and high-quality material which is sure to sustain any amount of damage while continuing to serve you for years to come. There’s no way that you’ll get your head injured while you have this helmet on.
  • The removable interiors. The cheek pads and liner being easily removable is a considerable advantage because it gets complicated washing a helmet from the inside when it can’t be separated into pieces.
  • The Bluetooth. It lets you listen to your favorite songs without having to spend too much money on the feature and without having to make things too complicated.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The second shield. The bad side to the smoked shield is that it becomes quite difficult for people wearing glasses to access that shield properly.

Summary of Features

The Falcon 967 “The Mech” Mercenary Mech Full-Face Street Motorcycle Helmet provides a Bluetooth connection for just about any device you want to connect to. Thus, enabling you to listen to music or a GPS voicing while riding your bike. The helmet has an efficient ventilation system to control the humidity that you might feel while wearing it. It has also been designed to reduce wind noise and has two shields that protect the user from the sun and harsh wind.

Additionally, it has removable cheek pads and liner, leaving the user free to wash them anytime. Further, the shell is made of a sturdy material that can resist crashes and provide damage control.

Comparative Analysis

The NENKI Helmets NK-852 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is one of the competitors of the helmet being reviewed but is a lot more expensive. The difference in cost doesn’t seem at all justified as both helmets have similar features, such as the removable interior parts and dual shields.

Final Verdict

The Falcon 967 Mercenary Mech Full-Face Street Motorcycle Helmet is one of the top tier helmets on the market mainly because of its high cost-to-value ratio. Meaning, although it has a simple design, the functional features it offers are multiple times higher than its price. It is also made of sturdy materials that make it capable of enduring plenty of years before you have to replace it.

Therefore; if you want to save money on a helmet but do not want to compromise your safety and comfort, this one is exactly what you need.

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