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The Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Jackets

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Riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous activity. Not only is there a chance of coming off your bike, but you are also exposed to the elements. Motorcycling may be exhilarating and fun, but there are some real risks involved, and that is where a motorcycle jacket comes in. A motorcycle jacket would protect you if you were to come off your bike. It may not protect you from broken bones, but if you are sliding across the road, it can certainly protect your skin from being messed up; the jacket will take the brunt of the damage.

A good motorcycle jacket will also protect you from the sun’s rays and the harsh, cold winds. A motorcycle jacket will also offer you additional storage on your trip. A motorcycle jacket is essential for any biker.

The 10 Best Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

We have researched the very best, and have compiled our top 10. Here they are;

A bright motorcycle jacket which will keep you protected and visible on the road. A jacket with lots of protection should you ever come off of your bike.

This jacket comes in a nice luminous green color. The color is bright enough to be seen during the day, but perhaps not through the night, when there is less light. We like the striking contrast between the neon green and the black stripes across the chest and down the body and sleeves. The high-quality mesh on the jacket is further highlighted by the abrasion-resistant panels which have been strategically placed to ensure the best protection from the elements, and from any abrasions which may come your way.

The mesh top layer adds some breathability to the jacket, but the materials underneath are also extremely breathable. They will allow the air to flow on the warmer days, but will not allow the cold winds to pass through when they are blowing. When the days are warmer, your sweat will not accumulate underneath the jacket. The air-wick technology and breathability will ensure that moisture is removed before it can get into the fibers of the jacket and start to smell.

There is level-3 armor on the elbows, shoulders, and back. This is some of the most technologically advanced armor on the market, offering you optimum protection when on the road. You can also remove the armor if you wish, offering full customization of your jacket. The level-3 armor has advanced significantly over the past year. It has been designed more ergonomically, has higher impact absorption, and freer movement.

This jacket also comes with a fully removable liner. In winter months, the liner is a welcome addition to the jacket. In the summer, the liner can be fully removed to offer a more breathable and lighter ride. There is a Velcro strap on the waist to tighten if needed. This is a great jacket for any rider, and we love the reflective nature of the jacket. This is a jacket you will be seen in, and want to be seen in.


  • Lots of size options
  • Breathable
  • Reflective


  • Could be more reflective
  • Can be tight

A very breathable jacket for longer rides. There are strategically placed reflective strips, and the memory foam offers enhanced protection.

There is a lot to talk about with this jacket. The jacket is matte black, but there are reflective strips which have been placed around the jacket to offer great visibility when headlights shine on you. During the day, you do not need the reflective strips, and you will not notice them as much unless you are hit with direct light, but at night, they are a welcome addition. They light up really well when they are hit with light.

The main body of the jacket is made up of a mesh which allows the air to flow through the jacket, keeping you cool when you are hot and hot when you are cool. The addition of memory foam adds comfort to the jacket while also offering protection. The memory foam panel on the back is completely removable should you want to take it off.

The collar comes with neoprene padding, which offers great protection to your neck. The neoprene also gives a comfortable fit, and will not chafe your neck. There are adjustable Velcro tabs on the hips to ensure you get the correct fit. Extra armor has been added to the shoulders and elbows. This is a great protective jacket for any biker out there.


  • Memory foam protection
  • Reflective strips
  • Breathable


  • Not a long jacket
  • Backward zipper

A great looking jacket which is waterproof, light and breathable. Ideal for summer and usable in winter.

For what you get, this is an extremely affordable jacket. There are a number of sizes to choose from, and we love how the jacket looks. There is a slight glossiness to the black of the jacket, which is further highlighted by the white stitching and piping. The white piping down the front of the jacket, around the neck, and around the shoulders, adds an elegance to the jacket, which others do not have. We also love the stitching detail throughout the jacket. It turns a plain black jacket into something stylish and elegant.

This jacket features a unique ventilation system which helps to keep it very cool during the summer months. When the sun is really beating down on you, you do not need to worry about moisture inside the jacket or sweat patches. The moisture will be wicked away to leave you feeling fresh and clean after every ride. There is a thermal quilted layer which can be removed through the summer to offer a lighter feeling jacket, which will further add to the breathability of the jacket. In the winter, the thermal layer will offer you an extra layer of protection and warmth, trapping in the heat, and keeping the cold wind out.

There are removable armor pads for around the shoulders, back, chest, and kidney areas. This is a jacket which you will feel protected in. There is additional white tape which can be added the jacket to add more visibility when you are in darker conditions. This is a jacket which will keep you protected and seen.


  • Elbow and shoulder armor
  • Reflective
  • Waterproof


  • Could have more kidney protection
  • Could use more pockets

Coming in a choice of four colors, this jacket combines style and protection. Lots of pockets to carry all of your travel gear.

This is a jacket which has a real focus on storage. There are so many pockets in this jacket that we do not know where to begin. There is a media pocket, which can fit a phone or a music player. There is also a phone pocket on the other side of the jacket. These two pockets are near to the top of the jacket, and a headphone wire can be run through the collar of the jacket, up to the headphone pockets in the neck. You also have access to a knife pocket, an eyeglass pocket, a travel document pocket, a tablet pocket, a wallet pocket, a hidden pocket, and an extendable key holder. You can fit everything you need in this jacket, and do so without the jacket becoming bulky and unnecessarily big.

The jacket looks great when it is on. The plain black is stylish, while the two other colors highlight the armor in the jacket. The outer shell of the jacket is a high-quality mesh, which covers your torso, back, and arms. The mesh keeps you cool, no matter the weather outside. The added chest pads add extra protection to your front. The armor in the shoulders and elbows is C.E. approved, so you know that if you do come off your bike, you are going to be protected. There are also two outer pockets, should you run out of places to store things.

The waist and cuffs are entirely adjustable, to give you the perfect fit. We love the headphone wire system which will run your headphones from your music player to your ears while keeping the wire hidden, and the earbuds stored when not in use. You can also remove the liner inside when it does get too warm. A great jacket with ultimate storage.


  • Four colors
  • Lots of pockets
  • Adjustable


  • Not waterproof
  • Short

A premium leather jacket which is styled after the classic police biker jackets which we all remember form retro cop shows. This jacket offers natural fibers, premium protection, and a stylish look.

If you want a genuine leather jacket for your bike rides, then this is the jacket for you. The premium cowhide is between 1.2-1.3mm thick, giving enough thickness to offer protection should you come off your bike, but not so thick that the jacket is too big or heavy to ride with. This jacket is a throwback to the classic biker jackets or years ago, especially the jackets that the cops would wear. All you need now is an old spherical helmet and a big pair of sunglasses.

We love the love and care which has gone into the look and the fit of the jacket. The zipper is slightly off-center. The sleeves are pre-curved and molded to give you a better fit when you first wear the jacket. The jacket is more comfortable when you first put it on. The half belt near the base of the jacket offers some adjustability and style to the jacket. There are also strategically placed pockets for storage in the jacket.

The thickness of the jacket is great for riding in all seasons, and the genuine leather will protect you from whatever mother nature throws your way. When you open the package your jacket comes in, the smell is like nothing else you have ever smelled. This is the aroma of quality. When you purchase this jacket, you are making an investment. This is a jacket which will last you a long time.


  • Premium leather
  • Adjustable
  • High-quality


  • No inside pockets
  • Sizes are big

This high-quality jacket is a bargain which you cannot refuse. This casual faux leather jacket is great for wearing on long and short bike rides.

This jacket comes in three different colors. Each one is distinct and makes its own mark. The thing we love about this jacket or selection of jackets, is that they are extremely stylish. The jacket is certainly not out of place when you are on your bike, but will also not look out of place in any other situation. The jacket is stylish enough to be worn with any other outfit when you are not on your bike. A lot of attention to detail has gone into the design and construction of the jacket, and it is easy to see that in the seams and stitching. If you did not know much about leather jackets, you would not know that this jacket was anything but leather.

This is an extremely strong jacket. It may not be genuine leather, but it will last as long. For the price, you are getting a durable jacket which will protect you on your bike. There are some who call this a fashion statement, but there are enough real-life scenarios to show that the jacket will, in fact, protect you when you are skidding across the road. You are getting a jacket which is as close to leather as they come, without having to match the price tag of genuine leather.

This jacket is also functional. The material is thick enough to offer protection against the elements, and will not allow the wind to get in. The material is light enough to offer a breathable experience in the summer, when the sun gets hot, but heavy enough to keep you warm when the winds get chilled in winter. We would recommend this jacket to anyone who wants the lot and feel of leather, without having to pay for it.


  • Faux leather
  • Stylish
  • Durable


  • Sizes are small

A jacket which comes in almost endless sizes and colors. The jacket offers excellent protection.

The jacket comes in all the American sizes, so when you do order one, you know exactly what you are getting. You will also be blown away by the color options. There is the regular black option, but there are endless jacket options, each with black sleeves, and a different color torso. It does not matter what your favorite color is, what the color of your bike is, or what the color of your outfit is, you will find a color to match.

The outer shell of the jacket has been treated to make it waterproof. It does not matter how much rain or snow you are biking in; the moisture is not going to get through and make you cold. The outer shell has also been designed with impact resistance in mind. If you do hit the road, then you will be offered the very best protection.

The armor in the shoulders and elbows are C.E. approved, and completely removable should you want to take them out for more comfort. We recommend leaving them in to get the very best protection from your jacket. The spine armor is also C.E. approved and removable. It can be personal preference to remove this or not, but again we recommend keeping it in, and we find that it also helps to give you a more upright position when you are riding, which is better for your spine.

We love that the zippers are waterproof. There is nothing worse than having a waterproof jacket, but finding that the zippers let the water in. With this quality jacket, you do not have to worry about that. If we are keeping the moisture out, we also want to be able to let the moisture out. The ventilation system in this jacket will allow you to do that.

You may find that the vents on the back can close up when you are hunched forward, but if you sit up with your back straight, the vents will open up and allow the moisture and air to flow. We are excited to see where the manufacturer goes with the ventilation system, as they are currently waiting on a patent for their cross-linked ventilation system with wind tunnel cooling.

This is a great motorcycle jacket. It may not be the cheapest jacket on our list, but it is up there among the best on our list. The fit is great, and finding your size is a lot easier than some other jackets out there. We would recommend this jacket to anyone. New rider or experienced rider. It does not matter. This jacket has something for everyone.


  • Elbow and shoulder protection
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable


  • Back vents can close when the jacket is tight
  • Internal stitching could be better

A great jacket which offers premium protection for your entire upper body. This jacket fits really well and offers the best protection against full-impact collisions.

This is a jacket which you know will keep you protected. You only have to take one look at the jacket and armor to feel safe wearing this jacket. When you look at this jacket, it almost looks like an inside-out jacket. Most jackets have the fabric on the outside, and the armor on the inside, but this jacket does the opposite; the armor is on the outside, and the fabric is on the inside. This showcases the armor, but it also shows you that this jacket has more armor than most jackets on the market. You can see how well you are protected, and feel safe when you are on your bike. As this jacket has so much protection, you can use it for a lot more than just riding your bike. This jacket is great for motocross, and also for extreme sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

The impact-resistant plastics and shields offer extra protection to your chest, back, elbows, shoulders, and forearms. The hard shells offer the best protection to your vulnerable areas. The lining is made from high-quality, elastic mesh. The fabric is lightweight and can stretch, which means you get a comfortable fit and do not feel as if you are wearing a heavy jacket. The breathable fabric is also great for allowing the moisture togged through so that it does not build up in the jacket and begin to give off a nasty aroma. You stay cool when the warmth is in the air, but the jacket still offers enough protection from the wind and the cold to keep you hot when it matters.

The elastic collarbone is one of the highlights for us. The collar will sit on your neck comfortably, and give a great seal against the cold, but it will not be too tight, and it will not rub and chafe your neck. The cuffs are also elastic and offer the same benefits as the neck opening. There is a Velcro belt which can also be adjusted to give the jacket a better fit and to better place the protective shells so that you can ensure your stomach and kidneys are protected.

This is a great jacket for anyone who is looking for a little extra protection. As a regular riding jacket, this jacket is great, but we would recommend it for more than that. This jacket is almost begging for you to fall off so that it can protect you. We would recommend this jacket for anyone who wants to be involved in motocross or dirt biking. If you are on a bike and are going to come off regularly, then this is the jacket for you.


  • Effective crash protection
  • Extra padding
  • Comfortable


  • Sizes are small
  • Needs more reflectors

A class style motorcycle jacket which will offer you great protection on the road. A genuine cowhide leather jacket for the rider who wants comfort and protection.

This is a great jacket for anyone who is looking for that classic leather biker look. You only need to add a pair of oversized black sunglasses, and you are ready to go. We love the slightly off-center zipper up the front, the fake zipped pockets, the belt on the waist, and the rumpled sleeves when you have the jacket on. There is something about this jacket which makes you feel as if you are riding through the seventies. The collar has a nice look to it, and when it is pulled up around your neck, you are going to feel warm and cozy.

The leather offers you great protection against the elements. You will not notice the wind when you are in this jacket, and the rain or snow will also not give you any problems. The leather will keep you warm in the worst conditions, but will also keep you cool when the sun is beating down. Being leather, the jacket will also hold up to the UV rays extremely well.

This is a great jacket for anyone who wants a leather jacket at a low price. The classic look and retro feel are in right now, just make sure to order a size or two above what you would normally wear as the jacket is coming from China, and the sizing is different there. This is a great jacket to add to anyone’s wardrobe. The jacket will offer you great protection on the road and will be a stylish addition to your regular clothes.


  • Leather
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable


  • The leather is thin
  • Sizes are small

A simple and stylish motorcycle jacket which offers great protection against impacts and the elements. Completely waterproof and packed with extra armor.

This jacket has a double armor system. This means that there is extra protection for the shoulders and elbows. There is some hard plastic armor stitched into the areas which protect the soldiers and elbows, as well as there being five pieces of removable armor. The double-density foam, which makes up the removable armor, offers great impact protection, and it is comfortable too. There is also rubber padding on the front and back to protect your entire body from the road if you should come off your bike at speed.

The reflective strip across the front offers you protection from not being seen on the road and will shine brightly when the light catches it. There is also reflective piping on the back, so that you can be seen from both directions.

There are adjustable arm straps to help you find the perfect fit. When you combine these with the sleeve adjusters and zippers, you have a really comfortable and well-fitting jacket. The jacket is also manufactured for mesh material to give it a breathability which you need when you are on the road. When the weather is hot, the air will be allowed to flow to cool you. This also means that the moisture will be able to get out and will not accumulate in the jacket.

This is a great jacket which can be worn in all seasons. The jacket will not get too cold or too warm. The fact that it is waterproof is a big bonus for us. Biking in the rain is not fun as it is, but when the rain gets into your jacket, it is even less fun. This jacket will keep you warm and dry.


  • Double armor system
  • Waterproof
  • All-season


  • Can be too warm


We love the Joe Rocket Motorcycle Jacket. The fact that there is a size and color for everyone, already makes it an attractive choice for most people. We love the style of the jacket. It is one of a few jackets on our list which would not look out of place as a regular jacket in your clothing rotation, and it is also one of the most functional jackets on our list.

This jacket offers you the best protection out there. If you do come off your bike, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have protective armor and an abrasion-resistant material. The jacket is waterproof and will keep you protected from the elements, and warm on the colder days. The breathability of the jacket also means that you are cool in the summer months. A great jacket which will elevate the riding experience of any ride.

If you are on a budget, then the ILM Motorcycle Jacket cannot the beaten. You do not have to pay a lot to get a protective jacket. This jacket is stylish, with white piping and stitching all over the plain black jacket. The white on the jacket offers protection due to the reflective nature of the piping, while also offering some style. You will feel confident wearing this jacket. Even when you are not on your bike, you will love to wear this jacket. When you are on your bike, you will feel protected and safe. One of the most affordable jackets you will ever wear.

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