How to Pair Bluetooth Helmets

How to Pair Bluetooth Helmets A Step-by-Step Guide

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We belong to a day and age where we like to be connected to our loved ones and entertained by music most of the time. This applies to when we are driving or riding as well. In a car, we at least have the luxury to listen to the radio or connect our phones to play music and answer calls.

For motorcycles, however, it gets a little tricky. That’s where Bluetooth helmets are gaining popularity. Hence, in this article, we will tell you everything about Bluetooth helmets and how to pair Bluetooth helmets with your devices.

Bluetooth helmets have sort of become a necessity nowadays considering that it is the only safest way possible to stay connected while you ride your bike. However, there are arguments that people tend to get distracted while they ride their motorcycles with these Bluetooth helmets. Ultimately, the only way you can be safe is by being cautious and not get distracted while you use your Bluetooth helmet.

There are several Bluetooth helmets to choose from these days. Along with the quantity, there are also different kinds available. Depending on the kind you have, you will have to pair with it accordingly.

A Better Understanding of Bluetooth Helmets

Before diving straight into how to pair to these helmets, let us first tell you what Bluetooth helmets are. Bluetooth helmets are a fairly new concept, and their popularity is rising rapidly. These helmets help you stay in touch with your loved ones even while you are riding. Depending on the kind of helmet you own, some also have FM radios to keep you entertained while stuck in traffic jams.

There are different kinds of Bluetooth helmets. One is wherein the Bluetooth is integrated within the helmet. While the other comes in the form of a regular helmet and has a space inside that is allotted for the user to place a Bluetooth device. A pre-installed Bluetooth helmet is quite expensive since it is designed to be all-inclusive. On the other hand, the helmet without the Bluetooth attachment is definitely cheaper but can be a hassle since you will have to fix your own.

How to Pair Bluetooth Helmets: All You Need To Know

The way Bluetooth helmets work is not as complicated as it seems. Just like Bluetooth headphones, they will seamlessly connect to your device. Depending on the helmet, some may have a one-touch button on the outside, which takes care of everything for you. That will be from answering and ending a call to even playing music.

The ideal thing is that pairing to any type of Bluetooth helmet is also really simple. For instance, the FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet comes with a fully integrated Bluetooth feature. In fact, this only comes with a one-touch button on the side of the helmet. All you need to do is press it to turn the helmet’s Bluetooth feature on. Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and find this device. Once you find it, you can click and pair with it.

In the case of a Bluetooth helmet wherein you will have to attach a Bluetooth device, pairing with it is also not very troublesome. The HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is the kind of a helmet that has a cavity inside to fit in a Bluetooth headphone. Unlike the previous one which had a button that you can access from the outside, here you will have to use the attachment to connect to your device.

To pair with this, all you need to do is turn on the Bluetooth attachment and your Bluetooth on the phone. Once the phone’s Bluetooth recognizes the helmet’s Bluetooth, you will find it on your phone list. Just select and press it. You are now connected to the device and can access everything remotely. This is slightly more inconvenient than a pre-installed Bluetooth helmet. However, it is far cheaper.


We hope that this article had helped you in understanding how to pair Bluetooth helmets. As it appears, it is far simpler than you would assume. In fact, it literally takes just a click of one button. Having a Bluetooth helmet is only going to help make your life more convenient but also keep you entertained on those long, never-ending rides while you are stuck in traffic jam.

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