What Is a Bluetooth Helmet?

What Is a Bluetooth Helmet

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Assuming you live in an urban area and own a motorcycle, you are certainly stuck in traffic and have nothing to do. At this time where everyone is continuously connected, being on a motorcycle and not being connected to your loved ones is such a waste of time. However, there is this amazing new thing called a Bluetooth helmet. But what is a Bluetooth helmet?

Very few are actually aware of Bluetooth helmets, mainly because this is a fairly new product in the market. People still mostly use the traditional helmet and are unaware of the variety of benefits they attain from wearing a Bluetooth helmet.

However, there are arguments about whether these Bluetooth helmets are safe or not. Some say that Bluetooth helmets tend to distract a person from their ride. But, the bottom line is that it all depends on how safe the rider is with the Bluetooth helmet. So, for people who are curious about this, let us tell you a little about what is a Bluetooth helmet and everything there is you need to know about it.

What is Bluetooth Technology?

Before we even explain about a Bluetooth helmet, it is essential for everyone to know what Bluetooth is and how the technology works. It is basically a wireless technology which seamlessly connects to all Bluetooth-enabled devices and can transfer data or voice over a specified distance.

Bluetooth technology has helped eliminate the use of wires that cause a lot of people inconvenience by being restricted. Most Bluetooth devices are able to connect anywhere between two to eight devices and the maximum length they can work is up to a ten-meter radius. This is called a Personal Area Network or the PAN.

Now, imagine all of this technology in a helmet. It enables you to be connected to your phone as well as other peers around you who are connected to the same Bluetooth. Additionally, some helmets offer a group intercom feature in their helmets so that you are always connected to other riders near you. That’s not all; some helmets also have a built-in FM radio. So, you can listen to your favorite radio channels on the go while riding a bike.

All this sounds amazing, but what is a Bluetooth helmet?

What is a Bluetooth Helmet?

Essentially, a Bluetooth helmet is a helmet that comes pre-installed with Bluetooth technology. Within the helmet is a wireless speaker and microphone that will work very similar to Bluetooth headphones. With one touch of a button, this will automatically connect to your phone or other Bluetooth devices and is capable of playing music, read out your emails (phone-dependent feature) and most importantly, even answer your phone calls!

For instance, the FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet has a one-touch button on the side of its helmet. This button helps in playing or stopping your music and even answering and ending a call. It is very convenient and does not cause much of a distraction especially when you are riding. Pre-installed Bluetooth helmets are pricey. So, be ready to spend major bucks.

However, not all Bluetooth helmets come equipped with Bluetooth. Certain helmets have cavities within the helmet so that you can fix your own Bluetooth attachment within. This does need an extra effort of fixing an external device into the helmet. However, you do get the freedom to choose your own Bluetooth attachment, which is lacking in pre-installed Bluetooth helmets. In addition, these helmets are way more affordable than pre-installed Bluetooth helmets.

For instance, the HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is a fantastic helmet for bikers who like style and comfort all together. You can purchase it in different sizes to fit everyone and has a plethora of colors to match everyone’s taste. This also comes with a space inside so that you can insert your own, preferred choice of Bluetooth attachments.


We hope that you already know what is a Bluetooth helmet. It goes without saying that this thing will be of great use to you if you ride motorcycles. Not only does it help you to be connected to your loved ones, but it also keeps you entertained during those long, boring hours of constant riding especially if you are stuck in traffic.

There are several Bluetooth helmets in the market that you can choose from. Some are pre-installed with Bluetooth while some have slots for Bluetooth headphones. Depending on your budget, needs, and preference, choose the one that fits all perfectly.

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