FreedConn BM2-S Modular Flip-up Full-Face Helmet Review

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If you’re the sort of person who depends on your motorbike for getting to work, or for traveling in general, a helmet that has no interconnectivity is among the worst that you can buy. As a bike enthusiast, you’re missing out if you don’t have a helmet that connects you to the outside world while providing excellent vision and protection. It’s about time that you consider an upgrade to a better, technologically advanced helmet.

The FreedConn BM2-S Modular Flip-up Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet has you covered with their high-tech and exceptional looking helmet which is guaranteed to turn heads when you ride down the road. However, looks are not just the reason why you should purchase this product. That is because it has features which make it stand out.

Features of FreedConn Full-Face Helmet

  • This helmet provides a Bluetooth intercommunication system allowing you to maintain contact with two people simultaneously over a distance of 500 meters.
  • The helmet uses a Bluetooth 3.0 chipset for connectivity.
  • It uses an ABS shell that has an efficient ventilation system.
  • It has a single button for managing operations.
  • The cheek pads and liner are removable.
  • The cheek pads and liner are deodorant resistant and absorptive.
  • The helmet weighs around four pounds.
  • The product requires a lithium-ion battery to operate.
  • It has the option of using an FM radio.

The product assembles every feature a bike enthusiast could ever dream of into a helmet that not only performs well but has a stylish look to it. While we loved most of what this helmet brings to the table, there were some drawbacks to it as well. Here is a detailed breakdown of what we liked and didn’t like about the product:

What We Liked

  • The Bluetooth feature. This Bluetooth chip is immensely powerful, offering connectivity to not one, but two people at the same time over a distance of 500 meters. That is enough to make any journey enjoyable as you’ll be able to converse with your friends all the way without having to stick too close to each other.
  • The ABS shell. This shell is more than just a convenience; it’s a necessity for people who rely on their bikes at any weather condition. With this shell, you’ll be able to tolerate humid conditions, extreme heat and the combination of both. This is because the ventilation system conditions the atmosphere inside the helmet and makes it sensational.
  • The weight of the helmet. Four pounds is barely noticeable when you look at the features included in the helmet. However, this weight doesn’t include the lithium-ion battery that needs to be included in the helmet.
  • The removable cheek pads and liner. Bikers who have had helmets without this feature will know the struggle of having to deal with a constantly dirty helmet. Washing a helmet without removable pads can be quite a nightmare, so this helmet has an advantage when it comes to cleanliness.
  • The connectivity. Even when you aren’t out with others whom you can communicate with via your Bluetooth, there’s still the option of listening to an FM radio or songs from your phone to improve your riding experience. You can even connect the helmet to your GPS or phone map, so you don’t have to use another device to know which way you’re going.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The lithium-ion battery. The lack of a rechargeable battery in this product is a let down since you must purchase batteries every time one runs out. Likewise, it is an added cost.
  • The helmet doesn’t come in the standard size. While the company has stated that they’ll send a suitable liner for customers for whom the size doesn’t fit, such will be very inconvenient.

Summary of Features

The full-face helmet by FreedConn provides the option of connecting to two other helmets via Bluetooth 3.0. It also lets the user listen to the FM radio, as well as music or GPS voicings through their phone. The helmet runs on a lithium-ion battery and weighs four pounds. It has a ventilation system which allows air to pass through smoothly. Likewise, it has removable cheek pads and liners for easy cleaning.

Comparative Analysis

The Snow Helmet with Electric face Shield and Sunshield by LS2 is a similar helmet, but somewhat pricier than the helmet that we’re discussing today. The increased price is well justified by its heated electric shield which makes the front view resistant to fog. Both helmets are relatively comfortable to wear, although the one by LS2 seems to have prioritized comfort during the product’s manufacturing.


The FreedConn BM2-S Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Motorcycle Helmet isn’t the cheapest item on the market but is worth the amount of money. Being able to communicate with your friends while riding your bike should have been cheaper to some degree, but the helmet possesses some stunning looks which make the product worth buying.

All in all, it’s a neat item which can serve you well if you’re looking for a long-term companion on the road.

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