IV2 Bluetooth-Compatible Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet Review

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As we all know, helmets are produced to provide you, the riders, with road accident protection. However, communication and entertainment are some of the things that are lacking when you ride your motorcycle. Fortunately, motorcycle helmet manufacturers have begun innovating their products in order for them to catch up with the world’s technological advancement.

With that in regard, most manufacturers have found a way in order to provide you with helmets wherein you can install a Bluetooth device or headset. Through such, you will be able to communicate with your loved ones and listen to music and GPS instructions hands-free. They are the so-called Bluetooth-compatible helmets.

One product that you can find being sold online and offline is the IV2 Bluetooth Compatible Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet. However, many of you may question this product’s quality because of its affordable price. Hence, let us review it for you to be able to determine if it is suitable for you or not.

Ivolution Sports, Inc. or IV2 is a company that is committed to providing its customers with high-performance and affordable riding helmets and accessories for all ages.

Features of IV2 Bluetooth-Compatible Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet

  • Size dimension is at 14.6 x 11 x 10.8 inches
  • Weighs approximately five pounds or 2270 grams
  • Modular, flip-up design
  • Outer shell is made of fiber-reinforced, ABS thermal plastic material
  • Inner liner is incorporated with an EPS impact-absorptive foam
  • Single flip-up push button
  • 10 air vent ports
  • Waterproof and glove-friendly controls
  • Removable as well as washable interior padding
  • Retractable visor or face shield that is resistant to scratch
  • Quick-release, button-operated, stainless steel, dual D-ring strap
  • Microfiber cloth helmet bag or backpack
  • DOT-certified

What You Will Like About It

  • Unisex
  • Lightweight
  • Meets DOT standards
  • Impact-resistant
  • UV-resistant coating
  • Easy-to-release strap
  • Can be used as a full- or open-face helmet
  • Scratch-resistant face shield
  • Efficient airflow
  • Compatible with a high number of third-party Bluetooth devices
  • Easy-to-operate buttons or controls
  • Paddings can be washed easily
  • Easy-to-open vents or exhaust ports

What You Might not Like About It

  • High level of wind noise when you are riding at a speed of 50 mph or higher
  • Anti-fog visor is not included.
  • Bluetooth is sold separately

Construction and Design

The IV2 Bluetooth-Compatible Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet is a durable and lightweight product that has been certified by the DOT. Its standout physical feature is that it can be converted from being a full-face helmet to an open-face helmet quickly. That is made possible with the incorporation of a push button that is easy to operate and access.

The outer shell has been made of durable and impact-resistant materials to ensure your safety during collisions. Likewise, the inner linings are also padded with the right amount of quality foam that also absorbs the impact so you will feel no or low level of such. In addition, the face shield is made of a material that does not scratch easily.

You will also be assured that the beautiful color and finish of this helmet will be maintained for an extended period of time. That is because the company uses coating products that have added cold-weather and UV-resistant compounds.

Comfort and Safety

This product has been incorporated with five exhaust and five intake ventilation ports that you can easily open and close. Proper circulation of air is also efficient because of the incorporation of an advanced ventilation system design. Likewise, the foam paddings of its interiors have also been strategically placed to cover necessary areas.

As mentioned earlier, the interior and exterior parts of this product have been constructed using quality, durable, and impact-resistant materials. In addition to that, the protective strap that holds the helmet in place is made of durable metal that is resistant to stain and rust. It is also worth noting again that the product has met the safety requirements of DOT.

Communication and Entertainment

Although this product has no built-in Bluetooth, the good thing is that it is compatible with many brands of Bluetooth devices. With that in regard, it will be easy for you to look for one that can be installed in this product. You will also have no trouble communicating with your friends, relatives, and fellow riders since you have the freedom to choose the device that is compatible with their Bluetooth connectivity.

In addition, you will also be able to choose one that is compatible with your phone, tablet, MP3 player, and other Bluetooth-enabled entertainment devices that you use.

A Helpful Comparison

The Yema YM-926 Motorcycle Helmet is also a DOT-certified, Bluetooth-compatible, and unisex modular helmet that has somewhat similar features as the IV2 Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet. It also has a strap that is equipped with an easy-to-release and durable D-ring buckle. Its vents can also be opened and closed, and the paddings can be removed and washed.

However, this product from Yema comes with a sun visor that the IV2 lacks. The only problem is that it has a tint that may come off after a few times of usage and may also block the complete sight of the user. Additionally, it is only designed to be worn as a full-face helmet.

Final Words

The IV2 Bluetooth Compatible Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet delivers its promise to provide you with protection, comfort, connection, and entertainment at an affordable price. Apart from being jam-packed with such features, this is also worth a buy for both off-road rides by using it as a full-face helmet, and recreational motorcycle activities by using it as an open-face helmet.

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